A varied landscape: this is how the Tortona area appears to the visitor, with its soft hills that fade into respectable peaks (Giarolo, Ebro and Chiappo). Going up from Tortona along the main communication routes, a succession of cultivated fields, vineyards and orchards appears more as a natural continuation of the Po Valley than as part of the complex mountain chain of Lower Piedmont, where the Alps give way to the Apennines.

What to do in Tortona

Our area is full of events regarding food and wine, shopping, fairs and festivals. Check the scheduled shows and events on vivitortona.it!


It represents one of the predominant voices in the economy of the Colli Tortonesi, and contributes significantly to the uniqueness of the landscape. By exploiting the high agronomic, climatic and oenological potential of the land, fine wines are obtained that respect the variety of grapes present in the Tortona vine, i.e. vines of cultural and cultural importance.


From Hotel Motel 2 you can easily reach the shopping centers of Tortona (hypermarket, in the Oasi area) and Montebello della Battaglia, with many shops, restaurants and services.

A few minutes’ drive from Tortona it is possible to reach the famous Outlet Mc Arthur Glen in Serravalle Scrivia.

Clubs and restaurants

You can check the catering offer in Tortona yourself, for example by clicking here. Of course, for advice from those who know each place, you can ask at reception, you will be directed to friendly places of guaranteed quality.

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